Page One : Weird Things I Do When I`m Alone #30DayBlogChallenge

This is the first time I accepted writing challenge. As I`m an easily bored person, let see how long I could stand for it. Hahaha..

Weird things I do when I`m alone. For sure it could be CLEANING UP. You may think “where is the weird things of CLEANING UP?”, or “It`s an usual activity, no need to be worry about it”. If you think so, you may ask to my family for confirmation, or my latest victim which is my Mother in Law. Hahahahaa..

I hate dirty & untidy place. I always think “What kind of people lived here?”, or “How could they still keep these unused items?”. For me, if you don`t need it, you better throw it away. Do not keep any useless things, it`s not good for your body & soul. I learned it from Buddha.

I could rearranging my clothes based on colour, rearranging my books or DVD`s based on alphabet, and other things which usually hated by lazy people. And I could stand for it all day long if needed, because I am kind of person which could not leave an unfinished job.

If I`m not mistaken, I`ve ever heard people said that this is kind of good abnormality. I`m forget the name, but I will update it when I remember.

By the way, I do not know where is this weird things came from, since I am not see it from my parents. But, I will thank God for give me this weird things, because I believe that I have & I will saved so many lives.

So If you need help or just any suggestion, you may contact this weird person. Hahahahaa.

I have a dream to build my own Cleaning Services company, someday. Ammiiinnn.

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