Page Three : Kind of Person Attracts Me. #30DayBlogChallenge

It`s a tricky subject to write.

Let me be normal as a man, the girl in the picture below is the kind of girl attracts me physically. I`ve been in love with her since a long long time ago. 😀

Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley

Oke, forget about Keira. Let me tell you kind of person attracts me personally.

Actually we can see it based on our ex personality. Do we attracts with someone who has similar personalities, or to person who is completely facing against us. People said that you should find someone who completely different than you, to avoid any bored situation. Trust me this not right, I believe you will more attracted to someone who has similar personality. Am I right?

I`ve ever attract with someone who less different from me, and the result is the more you try to keep it, the taller wall you should climb. Other thing, we came from different religions and of course, it simply didn`t last. Hahahaha.

I will always attracted to: girl who love travel, open mind, dress simply, do not smoke, do not get drunk, do not go clubbing and partying, do not had bad grammar, and the important thing is, she must be INDEPENDENT.

Not a rare type, some of these girls turned friends, but only one who could became my wife. Hehehe..

One thing I (or you) should keep in mind; If you met someone and you don`t have anything to ask to your girl/guy, she/he must be the only one person who attracts you the most. 🙂

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